20 Minute Yoga Workout for Energy, Beginners Home Morning Routine How to , Pain Relief & Flexibility

20 Minute Yoga Workout for Energy, Beginners Home Morning Routine How to , Pain Relief & Flexibility

administration | February 14 - 2018

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20 Minute Yoga Workout for Energy, Beginners Home Morning Routine, Pain Relief & Flexibility

Get the energy you need to last you all day in this 20 minute at home morning yoga routine workout by Cindie. Great for back pain relief and gaining more flexibility this how to safe stretching yoga video will help you to feel better and more energized along with melting away stress.

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Cindie Teaches Yoga in Austin, Tx.

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36 thoughts on “20 Minute Yoga Workout for Energy, Beginners Home Morning Routine How to , Pain Relief & Flexibility”

  1. Augh! Cindie, you are SO damn cute! Normally I don’t care for tattoos, but with a personality like that,  I can only love them as simply another part of you. The hair, the outfit, the voice, the person, I love it all, lol! Ahh, yes, the yoga was great, too! I shall be returning in the mornings to come! 😀

  2. I do three of these workouts a day. I start with the flexibility one then this one and last the one to get a flat belly and abs. It’s very relaxing and I’ve slowly started losing weight. I also drink about 2 Arizona green tea’s a day but any green tea would help anyone. 😀

  3. wow. Cannot begin to explain how this workout has changed my life and view of yoga. This workout really has put a loving energy in my heart for yoga and I will do this routine for as long as I live. Cause this is so perfect it’s unreal. This fits me in all levels and really every second is joy to my body. Thank you Cindie for this incredible  video! <3

    1. I am not a yogi or trainer,but I always eat a small meal before yoga. Personally if I went without food I would probably pass out. What I have learned about yoga during my journey is to do whatever makes you comfortable. 🙂

  4. this is for beginners…holy fck this seemed advanced… anyway i do feel better (and worn out, ive been a fat sac way too long now lol) thx for the video!

  5. This was the first time I ever took the plunge and did yoga. Started laughing uncontrollably right near the end… Really changed my mood. I feel phenomenal.

  6. I Love this video! I’ve been watching it for 5 months now! I have tried so many different ones and I always come back to this because I feel like it gives me the most energy and mental clarity, the scenery is relaxing and your style of teaching has a nice easy going positive flow.. Thank you so much!

    1. Same here man, I love her earthy style, it’s super chill. I try to do this every day before work, it always gets me pumped to serve tables!

  7. I do this whenever I do yoga in the morning. I feel I work out my whole body with this routine that I don’t check out other morning yoga videos for fear that it won’t be as good as this. Commitment issues >.<

    1. Haha! I have the same issue~ Like with most of my issues, as part of my Yoga Spiritual journey, I am facing them. Not to ‘overcome’, simply to walk through, acknowledge and move on. I checked out a couple others but came right back tho’, for me anyhow; this is the best one of all! ~Namaste <3

    1. +Deanna Hewitt I just discovered it! I really like the way she giggles and laughs. It doesn’t feel overproduced and makes me wanna take actual class with her.

  8. I’m a beginner… but i struggled to get in poses before you moved on to the next.. slow it down a bit.. apart from that i enjoyed it.

  9. first time I ever tried yoga stuff I’ll tell you … it felt like playing that game Twister on extreme! lol I was tired before starting and looked so silly as my first time but i gave it my effort and now i feel so much better and actually revitalized! I can feel this nice cool sensation of relaxation now 😀 thanks!

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