Back Pain Relief Stretches and Exercises, Beginners Yoga Follow Along At Home Class

Back Pain Relief Stretches and Exercises, Beginners Yoga Follow Along At Home Class

administration | February 14 - 2018

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Back Pain Relief Stretches and Exercises, Beginners Yoga Follow Along At Home Class

In this Yoga workout video, Erica Vetra gives you 30 minute follow along beginners yoga class with stretches to help with back pain relief.

Erica teaches classes in Austin, Texas.

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43 thoughts on “Back Pain Relief Stretches and Exercises, Beginners Yoga Follow Along At Home Class”

  1. I’m struggling with learning the Cat Cow pose. Could Erica do a video showing the Cat Cow pose from all 4 angles please?

  2. Did the second half. Good stuff. No pain though so this is probably better for people with the lower back issue as you say. Otherwise feels good to stretch and twist the back.

    1. youtubasoarus At least you are not just setting there talking, you are doing stretches in the meanwhile, wasting no time! I like that!

    1. Thank you for the feedback Kathryn! I’m planning on more pain relief vids and wrist pain is on the list as it is so common. I’m currently in Thailand training but when I come back I’ll be shooting more. Contact me anytime though; I have had wrist injuries and am happy to help. Best of luck! info at vetrafitness dot com 🙂

    2. +Erica Vetra Hello Erica,

      How kind of you to react to questions in the comment section. I hope you can find a moment to answer mine as well.
      I’m a 24 year old male that has gained a lot in terms of flexibility in the past year ever since I started doing yoga exercises. I still lack a lot of flexibility in my lower back though (and probably always will) due to mild scolioses that I suffer from. My hamstrings are also quite short (and I’m 189 centimetres tall), which results in the inability to fully execute certain exercises and still a lot of pain when stretching the lower back and hamstrings to a far less extend.
      When I reach for my toes I end up at my shinbone and if I lay on my back and want to vertically raise my leg straight ’till 90 degrees above me, I already start bending my knees after 50 degrees up.
      I was wondering if there are specific exercises that are good if you suffer from scolioses or have those kind of stretching problems.


  3. I was having trouble focusing because she’s soooo freakin hot … then I noticed she had a thong on and almost lost it ….

  4. thank you! i had a back spasm a few days ago. stretching helps but all other back pain yoga videos I found made things more tense.

    1. This is free stuff (although you can find ways to spend money if you follow the ‘dots’) and when someone uploads a clip like this and people like YOU complain.. it just Pi$$es me off .. give thanks and be quiet

  5. Great video! Don’t listen to all of the people saying it’s too much talking. If they want a meditation video they should look for that. This is about relieving back pain and there was absolutely nothing you said that was not directly related. I love that you don’t have the “yoga teacher voice” and that you are very down to earth and real!

    1. I couldn’t agree more. I found I was tightening my butt during one pose and her reminders to relax them was awesome. In fact every tip and word she said helped me to properly perform the pose as a beginner

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