Feel Better Yoga – Beginners Yoga for Depression, Stress, the Blues & Anxiety Relief

Feel Better Yoga – Beginners Yoga for Depression, Stress, the Blues & Anxiety Relief

administration | February 14 - 2018

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Feel Better Yoga – Beginners Yoga for Depression, Stress, the Blues & Anxiety Relief

In this beginners at home yoga class, Jen Hilman shares yoga stretches designed for stress relief, to decrease anxiety, beat depression and overcome the winter blues.

Jen Hilman teach Yoga classes in Austin, Texas.

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52 thoughts on “Feel Better Yoga – Beginners Yoga for Depression, Stress, the Blues & Anxiety Relief”

  1. a good way to help when you’re feeling the blues is to go for long walks, brisk walks in nice places, in parks and in the countryside. If not possible, just going for long walks even in the city, can help

    1. I know this is an old comment but i find that taking long walks in nature like in the woods or your local park or even on the beach can really relax you.

    1. +PsycheTruth hi. can you please check out that new trend called ‘BUTI yoga’ and tell me what you think about it? dangerous or ok?

  2. Jen, this video does more to combat depression in me than a whole pharmacy full of drugs!  I am so thankful that you’re in the world!  <3

  3. Great Video, great teacher, but for some reason, there is a dark underlying athmosphere in her vids. Don´t know why…on the one hand side, i really admire her yoga skills, and she is looking very, very good. On the other hand, i feel like beeing hypnotised by a snake. A yoga snake. Kind of funny to imagine. But nevertheless…creepy.

    1. +Doom Progger maybe you’re just afraid of letting yourself go completely and Jen is making you so you’re afraid of her ‘hypnotic’ powers

    2. +Doom Progger I see that too, I’m not even depressive, just here because I searched for sth to get rid of all the A-level exam stress better and stretch more after workouts – but I got that feeling too. o.o 😀 Sth about that video reminds me of a horror movie athmosphere, haha. 😀
      Might be the mixture of lightening, her mic sound & the cameraangle plus the music. 😀

    3. I think the microphone and the way the sound is mixed plus her sexy makeup is just different from most holistic stuff. Probably all it is

  4. My favorite things to prevent bouts of depression are : Strong sense of self, understanding that people are representations of themselves, weed (sorry but it helps me a lot), physical contact with others and finally lots of sleep.

    1. +Shinrin Yoku I have been clinically depressed for years. It gets better and worse, and yoga is one of the things that makes it better.

  5. As a rule I never read comments on videos because a lot of the time people are weird perverts, but that doesn’t mean I can’t just leave a comment, so thank you for sharing this exercise and being a kind and patient instructor. I’ve been struggling with anxiety and depression for a very long time and am finally reaching out for help. In the meantime, videos like yours are helping me stay afloat. Thank you again, so much!

    1. +Caitlin Kennedy Rootin for you! It takes courage to reach out for help. Im starting to do the same and it is the only thing keeping me afloat as well.

    2. +Caitlin Kennedy What you think about it key to changing the thought process that causes depression and anxiety.  I know how it feels to have both afflictions. Try this, it has helped me tremendously over time. As soon as you become awake in the morning, before you get out of bed,  make it a habit to think of things that you are grateful for, don’t allow any negative thoughts to enter here.  As you keep doing this, faithfully, your brain will begin to change to that form of thinking. You may even try using a gratitude journal. Stay with Yoga. If you’re in a situation that is causing you to be depressed or anxious it may be time to assess where you are in life and try something new. Keep listening and watching videos or even reading books that uplift the emotional state. Practice meditation, it can help a lot. You may try the book by Iyanla Vanzant called: Until Today!  Altho’ therapy can be helpful,  prescription medications can cause more harm than good. Just suggesting.. but I promise you that our thoughts direct a lot of how we feel.  Our thoughts create our lives. I wish you all the best Caitlin. You can get passed this.

    3. Sherrie Vitello this practice you are referring to is actually called Cognitive Behavioral Therapy and yes, it works wonders!!

  6. Thank you so much I’m suffering from depression after loosing a dear. I’m doing these exercises for almost a week now sometimes twice a day and I found it much more helpful than what I expected. Thanks Jen Namaste

  7. I find that yoga works very well for me with uplifting my mood, developing strength and flexibility. It always helps to keep my emotional level positive. When I want a change of pace I do listen to music that makes me feel excellent and I usually dance around like a very unskilled ballerina LOL!  But it still helps to uplift my mood. I try never to get depressed. But I do have alittle anxiety sometimes and these methods absolutely work best. Love your video’s Jen, thanks for sharing them.

  8. JEN HILMAN – your yoga videos have changed my life!!! I feel better. I feel happier. I feel centered and capable. I suffer from major depression and never thought that just thirty min a day could make such a difference in my life. Thank you so much for making the videos and putting them here FOR FREE! I want to one day come to Austin and try a real life class. Your the best Jen!

  9. great video!
    my tools against depression are: don’t isolate! call people.
    take walks
    take care of yourself: yoga, meditation, healthy food.
    get help! therapie, reiki etc.
    really focus on what is working for you, in this day and age there are so many things to be thankful about. Feel this feeling of thankfulness, it can heal up your life.
    Last but not least: love and forgive yourself, and your family. Things might have gone wrong in the past, forgiveness and love will give you a great boost to propell yourself into a bright future. Much love, Namaste


    1. LuigiTheHeadcrab yes it can be very hard from time to time.
      But you don’t have to have it all figured out by tomorrow. Give yourself some time, some space.
      and god, asking for help is such an important step to recovery. <3 you can do it too, sometimes, we need to feel absolutely worthless in order to believe our own beauty and strenght later on. It's there, and you will get to see it in time <3 take care.

  10. This is one of my favorites! The heart openers really got me feeling better, i got emotional at one point and i usually don’t during yoga. Thank you so much for this and Namaste

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