10 Minute Yoga Back Stretches For Pain, How To Routine | Beginners Yoga Jen Hilman

10 Minute Yoga Back Stretches For Pain, How To Routine | Beginners Yoga Jen Hilman

administration | February 16 - 2018

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10 Minute Yoga Back Stretches For Pain, How To Routine | Beginners Yoga Jen Hilman

How to yoga stretches for low back and upper back pain relief. Great sciatica stretches and perfect for relaxation. Jen Hilman is the yoga instructor.


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Filmed in the Guari Movement Studio in Austin, Texas

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40 thoughts on “10 Minute Yoga Back Stretches For Pain, How To Routine | Beginners Yoga Jen Hilman”

  1. Thanks! This was just what I needed. I do a lot of Kettlebell workouts and I find Yoga stretches to be the best thing for relaxing all the muscles that are used for those work outs, and these were incredibly helpful! Thanks again from snowy Michigan 🙂 

    1. Awesome. Jen has a ton of stretch and yoga workouts posted which receive 1000s of positive comments. Just do a search for “Jen Hilman Yoga” to pull them all up.

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      You should check this out>>YogaTraining2015.blogspot.ca

    1. I got distracted after reading your comment and then actually “watched” the video, lol. The first time I just did the exercises, hardly watched the video in those poses. 😉

  2. That last neck stretch makes my spine feel all tingly like it’s about to snap apart but I’m gonna trust you with my life because your other stretches have helped relieve a lot of my tension and made me more flexible, thanks for the hard work.

  3. Would you please post something that focuses on middle back? This video was helpful and I am looking for something for mid back. I tend to have lost of pain in my middle back which leads to bad posture.

    Thank you!!

  4. I feel so good after doing this! And I love how you explain what you should be feeling and bone and muscle placement. It really helps with proper structure. Thank you 😊

  5. Incredibly helpful, thank you, Jen!! My shoulder blades have felt knotted and super painful and this is really nice opener 🙂

  6. I’m only 22 and I have had terrible upper back pain since high school. I don’t know why, but at the time my muscles felt as though they were tearing from any little movement. I never treated it, not knowing that I should, and so the pain has never gone. Doing these stretches has been the only thing to truly help and I’m very grateful for this video. I can finally sleep much more peacefully.

    1. I feel ur pain, bud. Im 24 and started developing BAD back pain around 22 years old. Ive purchased several different gadgets/devices but they only help temporarily. To me stretches actually get to the root of the problem which is tightness and bad alignment. These stretches along with other vids on this channel help so much especially if i do them daily

    2. Fizzypups ik imma year late but I’m 18 and I dance and my back nd various other parts are killing me its torture

    3. This vid is good because it also includes strenghtening of the lower scapula fixators (in the begining) this helps to fix the hunched shoulders and pain in the upper trapesius. Great vid really.

  7. It works I can now sit in a straight back chair and meditate. Won’t be long before I can start back sitting on the floor.

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