How To Yoga Stretches for Low Back Pain & Sciatica Relief by Jen Hilman

How To Yoga Stretches for Low Back Pain & Sciatica Relief by Jen Hilman

administration | February 16 - 2018

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How To Yoga Stretches for Low Back Pain & Sciatica Relief by Jen Hilman

Jen Hilman shows you full body yoga stretches for back pain relief. This therapeutic video covers stretches for the low back, hips, butt and sciatica. Perfect for yoga beginners this will boost your yoga flexibility and lower stress which helps you to relax. So roll out your yoga mat, get your yoga pants on and start to stretch it out!

About Jen: "I specialize in therapeutic touch and have found my passion in the healing arts. Combining techniques for massage with the physicality of yoga and the deep relaxation of meditation and breath work, I guide my clients on a journey of self awakening and self healing."

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60 thoughts on “How To Yoga Stretches for Low Back Pain & Sciatica Relief by Jen Hilman”

  1. I’m in tears right now because absolutely nothing has helped so much with my pain as the minutes I spent doing these stretches! I’ve had 2 epidurals, physical therapy, traction, narcotics and this surpasses them all in terms of relief! THANK YOU! I am so glad I found you today!

    1. +PsycheTruth thanks!  It’s really amazing.  I can not believe it.  I woke up today in such a good mood knowing that once I started hurting today, I would be able to do these and actually feel better.  It’s really incredible.

    2. +thewooflingdiva that’s the truth, this has helped me abundantly. wow, amazing how small exercises can ease pain in comparison to the drugs that claim to help. I rather become dependent on exercise than medicine, respectively.

    3. +Christine Ortiz I’m glad it’s helping you too. I still do these every day and I’m telling you nothing else helps as much.

  2. As a 72 year old man, I had a server sciatica caused by long time sitting in front of computer. The pain came in when I sit or drive. Thanks to this very helpful video, I followed for several month, the pain has been gone. I still do it Monday – Friday. Very helpful, thanks, Jen!

    1. Dear Smiley0815, 7 years is a long time to sit at your desk. Hope you at least got some toilet breaks.

  3. Thank you for this video.. This really helped me.. I appreciate your work.. I was suffering with lower back pain and typed the same on YouTube and then I found this wonderful. After trying these stretches I felt really good . Thanks again for the video..

    1. +nallabolu sumanth Lower back pain can be so debilitating. Awesome that you tried a practice! Best wishes to you 🙂

  4. Jen… Last year I got bucked off a horse and broke my left femur up by my hip. I have a rod going from my hip down through the femur to my knee. Also, another rod going from the break area into the ball that rides in my hip joint. They are tied together with a cable.
    After three months I seemed to be recovered until one day I awoke with a terrible pain in what I thought was the break area. Went back to the doctor and had xrays. Nothing out of the ordinary. He said it was healed. For the next seven months I was back on a cane and the pain was an eight out of ten most days.
    My PT said she thought it might be sciatica and that I should look on the internet for some exercises. That’s where I found you. I followed your lesson on reliving the pain of sciatica and in just three days my pain level dropped to four out of ten. Now, two weeks later the pain level is down to possibly two. Some days it’s at one.
    So, I want to thank you for your help in getting me back to a normal life. Feeling really good these day.
    P.S. At 67 years old I’ve given up training horses. I guess it was time…

    1. Guyz I found a wonderful program…at the site: I never thought that my sciatica could be healed by such a simple method. Really, no one needs to suffer from sciatica anymore using this amazing method.?

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  5. I do a lot of weight lifting most days of the week. For a few months i’ve started having lower back pain only when I did back squats. I’m not even sure if “pain” is the correct word but it didn’t feel right and it was very uncomfortable. I got this feeling of tightness/mild pain even when I was sitting on a chair. I took a month off from squats but after that month it was kind of the same issue. I started doing the stretches in this video and I felt instant relief. The last two stretches she shows helps big time. I diagnosed myself with tight glutes and hamstrings and have been doing these stretches plus a few others. My squat is almost back to normal now. To the bodybuilders/powerlifters out there, don’t underestimate the importance of stretching!

    1. Just started feeling same and my first long stretch is already giving me the feeling of lower back pain relief

  6. I been having lower back problems for a long time and now in recent months my sciatic nerve has been bothering me down my leg.
    I can’t wait to try this exercise.

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    2. I Curеd Мy Yеast InfeсtionTоp rаnkеd Cаndidа plаn for dоwnlоаdUnique holistiс Syуyystem How То Yоga Stretches for Low Bасk Pain Sciаtica Rеliеf by Jen Hilman

    1. +bruceliem Just try the first one. It’s about as easy as it gets and helps you to move on to the 2nd exercise . Once you can feel that stretch , then progress to the 3rd. Sometimes on the pigeon, it is hard to find the nerve or muscle that is being stretched, but when you find it, you think, I got it!

    1. Do you play video games or play on your phone a lot because you could be hunched over for hours every day and that would put strain on you back and knot up your muscles

    2. +reg shovelworth​ lol no but my lower actually at the end of my neck like the top of the spine naturally comes with a hump in between the shoulders so yeah how would that work also I have heavy back packs

    3. Heavy backpacks caused me a lot of backpain in my early twenties specifically sore mid-back muscles. I started taking all my college textbooks in a little suitcase on wheels. Wishing you healing soon.

  7. I liked the relaxing music and that you didn’t rush through the stretches. One yoga instructor rushes you through a bunch of stretches while talking super fast, with house music playing in the background. Thank you for being the opposite of that.

  8. Almost instant relief. Namaste. I’ve been having a conversation with myself about starting yoga and incorporating this into my daily life. I’m convinced. Thank you

  9. This video really helps me manage my sciatica naturally. I do these right before bed and it helps me sleep better at night. Thank you so much for this.

  10. oh my gosh I was so skeptical about this process of stretching but after doing it the first time not even fully through the first attempt. ALL of my back pain is gone and I have had back pain for over a year. thank you

  11. Because I utilized this back pain guidebook, “fetching loni” (Google it), I found incredible improvements on my back. That is genuinely a great deal to me because I have worked with many, many guides and my back still painful after each a different one. I was surprised my back was improved. I am wishing this relief would last!.

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