Yoga for Flexibility for Beginners – Stretching Exercises For Flexibility Workout Austin Tx

Yoga for Flexibility for Beginners – Stretching Exercises For Flexibility Workout Austin Tx

administration | February 16 - 2018

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Yoga for Flexibility for Beginners – Stretching Exercises For Flexibility Workout Austin Tx

In this video, Cindie Corbin shares a 15 minute yoga routine to increase your flexibility.

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Cindie Corbin Teaches Yoga in Austin, Tx.

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42 thoughts on “Yoga for Flexibility for Beginners – Stretching Exercises For Flexibility Workout Austin Tx”

  1. #Yoga for #Flexibility for Complete Beginners with Cindie.

    This a slow paced, opening Stretch routine

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    1. Yes it Does.And I’m not just saying that either!
      The only way for you to know for yourself though, is to Give it a Try :).
      Maybe give it a shot and let me know what YOU think?
      Does it work for you?

  2. Cindi, you are a wonderful yoga teacher. You make me smile and I love all your yoga movements. Thank you so much!!! “knowledge is power” I like your sentence.

  3. is there anywhere that i can find a instuctor/video that doesn’t give me all this spiritual stuff. just a down to earth to the point (almost scientifically instructive) yoga instructor? i dont care for the bubbly attitude but i do like the stretches.

    1. The “spiritual stuff” comes naturally from doing the poses and breathing correctly. I wouldn’t be resistant to it if I were you, we could all use a bit more introspection and a deeper connection to our bodies, rather than looking at them as just meat machines.

    2. the spiritual stuff IS a huge part of yoga. If you minus that, well, you aren’t exactly doing yoga. Maybe look at stretching videos only

  4. I recently joined the Army, I passed all the fitness tests but the doctor said I need to work on my flexibility. To be honest it’s really bad, I find it painful enough to cross my legs when I sit down haha. I shall give this a go between now and my start date and hopefully I’ll loosen up a bit.

    1. You and me both I can’t even fully “criss cross apple sauce” as my brother likes to call it 😂

  5. Again, she’s spot on with the stretches and I feel brilliant.  Constant neck pain for the last month and this helps a lot with that, as I sit at a desk all day then play tennis so it’s no wonder that if I don’t do these routines I have pain. 

    Slightly overdid the middle section and had some knee pain 

  6. I don’t understand if this is for begginers, she doesn’t give a good enough instruction if your not flexible. Where do I put my hands if I’m not flexible?

  7. A real challenge for a beginner like myself. But wow I feel amazing afterwards! I’m pretty sure my poses weren’t perfect, but that’s okay. I am embracing where I’m at beacause as you said one does not become flexible overnight! Thank you so much. Namaste.

  8. I watch these videos while i do homework (I’m in high school) and just do a pose for each section I have to do and I feel great after because I am less stressed because I got my homework done and I’m relaxed and I feel nice and stretched! thank you for making these videos!

  9. I really like your teaching style. You come off very understanding and quirky, making me feel more comfortable rather than awkward being a beginner.

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