Yoga For Weight Loss & Fat Burning Workout – 30 Minute Beginners Flexibility Class – Day 2

Yoga For Weight Loss & Fat Burning Workout – 30 Minute Beginners Flexibility Class – Day 2

administration | February 16 - 2018

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Yoga For Weight Loss & Fat Burning Workout – 30 Minute Beginners Flexibility Class – Day 2

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In this Yoga video workout Day 2, Courtney Bell shares a basic weight loss yoga class which focuses on both fat burning and flexibility, This Yoga for weight loss is yoga for beginners. Beginners yoga will improve flexibility. Follow along with this yoga meltdown routine to lose weight. This is an actually full length, do along at home workout class.

Courtney Bell teaches classes in Austin, Texas.

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30 thoughts on “Yoga For Weight Loss & Fat Burning Workout – 30 Minute Beginners Flexibility Class – Day 2”

  1. I love your Yoga videos. I’ve tried others and they’re so difficult to get into. You go slow and it’s easy to follow along. I’m very out of shape, so the squatting was difficult for so long, but I feel so much more relaxed after these vids. I’ll take as many as you can give. 🙂

    P.S. I love both outfits!

  2. i like the blue, am i suposed to do day 1 day 2 in sequence or keep doing day one until im used to it then move to day 2? how many days do u have?

  3. this was great…I have never been able to even come close to a side plank, until you taught me the technique in this video, turning the heels to the side and lifting the arm. It’s the first step! Maybe I’ll do a full side plank this year.

  4. I’ve already noticed after doing yoga for about 2 weeks now, I can hold my legs up parallel to my body much easier! I’m getting stronger and I LOVE it!!

  5. I spent 3/4 days on Day 1, to get my muscles prepared for the increase of intensity, and then moved on to Day 2, the jump was huge and my body ached, but now I’m on my third day of Day 2 and it suddenly got a lot easier! I can actually FEEL muscle growing in my arms and I don’t run out of breath after a flight of stairs anymore! Not to mention i’ve already lost 2.5 kilos, and it’s only been a week! Also it’s amazing for stress relief. These videos are amazing, thank you 😀

    1. Hope you’re still hanging in there! CONGRATS on that! I’ve been working on better diet for a while now. To lose weight, the very best is WALK! Walk at least 20 minutes 5x a week. Build up to an hour. Money spent on good shoes is never wasted. If the weathers not on your side, crank up the tunes and DANCE! Diet–give up sugar and white flour. use portion control on grains: get yourself down from 2 half cup servings per day to only one. Meanwhile, eat tons of vegies and berries. Include protein at ev’ meal. Avoid artificial sweeteners. Try stevia aka Nuvia instead. A great go-to snack is a bit of peanut butter on apple slices .Just move your diet in this direction and you’ll see wonderful results! YOU HAVE THE POWER!!! Good luck.

  6. Wow – I love this! Weight loss green store tea seems to really be helping – I have been using for a few days now. I can already tell my pants feel larger. I have incorporated it into my plan. I just have to remember to take it 30 – 60 minutes before I eat – that’s always the trick! I set a timer on my computer to give me a reminder – highly recommend!

    1. +Edgar Alla My cravings are gone, I have energy for exercise, but not jittery. My mood is consistently upbeat and I feel I am just motivated and accomplishing more of the little things that I usually avoid or postpone. I would recommend Weight loss green store tea to everyone. I have lost two pounds in one week and did not fee like I was stressed out over dieting.

  7. your Vids are great! I, m just beginning (day 2) and already feel more relaxed. there is just one thing, as I, m not much familiar like many other people with yoga, I would really prefer you could show a small image when you are going to do a pose. so that we may understand what were supposed to do, it’s really not relaxing when I have to watch The screen while being in a half pose looking what is happening. especially with poses on the floor… other then that I really enjoy watching ur Vids and all your clothes suit you so no worry.

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