Yoga Stretches For Back Pain & Sciatica Relief – Beginners Flexibility For Men & Women

Yoga Stretches For Back Pain & Sciatica Relief – Beginners Flexibility For Men & Women

administration | February 16 - 2018

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Yoga Stretches For Back Pain & Sciatica Relief – Beginners Flexibility For Men & Women

Great yoga for back pain relief routine helps with flexibility. Courtney bell shows how to stretch and exercise for sciatica.

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40 thoughts on “Yoga Stretches For Back Pain & Sciatica Relief – Beginners Flexibility For Men & Women”

  1. From my xray and what 2 docs said that my tailbone is out of it’s place so my therapist recommended working out at the hospital gym. Most of my working out were stretches but i stopped going for personal reasons.
    Tomorrow morning i’m going to try your exercise! ^_^

    1. When I whistle at woman walking down the street they usually welcome it and smile. It obviously makes them feel good about themselves when men take notice and compliment on their looks.

    2. There was no flow here. You even caught yourself talking too much. I made it to 17 minutes before turning the video off. You made my back hurt worse by talking so much mid flow completely pausing the exercise mid flow making me have stress on my neck staring up watching you go on and on talking. Hope this helps for future videos

    3. Sheesh, so much poison because one guy said she looked sexy (although done in a kinda crude manner).

      Then the woman who is on some anti-hetero male rant about “no one” caring about whether or not men think women look sexy (contrary to like … the entirety of history).

      Look, Courtney Bell is an awesome yoga instructor with a fantastic personality which is the main thing you should take away from this video. She happens to also be very attractive with a very shapely body, in a public video on the internet where people who are attracted to her will want to express as much. I’m sure it isn’t the first time she’s heard someone complimenting her on her looks whether smoothly or crudely.

      The point? It’s just the reality of the situation. Don’t be crude to the woman and at the same time don’t start hetero-shaming men for finding an extremely attractive woman to be just that: extremely attractive.

  2. Thank you for another great video, Courtney!  Fortunately, I’m not suffering from any back pain currently, but I sure have in the past.  (Two back surgeries to show for it.)  PsycheTruth videos like this have been a tremendous help when I have.  I’m happily adding this to my Courtney Bell Video Favorites folder!

  3. Miss Courtney Bell know that I cherish you know that I care for you and know that I believe in you. Therefore, know that what I am about to say to you is not in any way meant to demean you or think less of you. To me your body would be great as a Human body model! Your body is absolutely kicking Miss Courtney Bell. I do believe that you have gain weight but you have gained it in all the right places. Courtney Bell have you seen Eyes Wide Shut the movie starring Tom Cruise and Nicole Kidman? The orgy scene where everyone is making whoopee every woman in that scene had stunning bodies and your ranks right up there. Another show The Spartacus Series that aired on Starz starring Viva Bianca, Lucy Lawless, Ellen Hollman, among many others had all sorts of beautiful women looking flawless. Lastly, if I were a woman I would want a body just like yours. I bet Bruce Jenner would want you body after his transition is complete! Keep looking great and keep fit sweethang!

  4. By low back and sciatic have gotten so bad that my doctor wants to put a permanent unit connected to my spinal cord and send pulse shock directly to my nerves, but although my pain is a flaming 5 and i have numbness in both feet and pain in both legs, I want to find something to treat the problem not just the pain. When I started this session the level of pain was easily a 5 and I honestly was skeptical, because I’ve done yoga before and many things, epidurals 8 times a year and not even that works well, but does give some relief. At the end of this session I am at about a high 2 to low 3 but it is not flaming pain by any means. Still numbness in my left foot, but not my right. I will continue to do this, because this is the best result that I’ve gotten out of my body and I’m very active, which is difficult with a bad back. Thank you so much!!!! So helpful and so nice to get relief without getting shocked or taking medication.

    1. Wow, that is incredible that this routine was able to help you!!  I am sorry to hear that you are dealing with so much pain– have you seen a chiropractor by any chance??  It’s likely that there are structural issues at the root that can be corrected with chiropractic adjustment and modifying your posture habits.  Also, myoskeletal massage addresses structural issues as well. 

    2. I’m a massage therapist and Doula, so I have definitely had massages and seen a chiro, but he did more with body talk and I was going to set up an appointment with a new Chiro this week.
      I’m also in roller derby and the constant mnt squaring doesn’t help. I am trying everything, and your routine had given me some relieve which is amazing at this point.

  5. FINALLY accomplished downward dog with feet flat on the ground for the first time following along today! 😀

  6. This is not the best video for someone with pain to begin. I felt some poses could increase pain. Much better videos out there with instructors that have a better understanding of back pain.

    1. I totally agree, not to mention you’ve got to have some familiarity with yoga poses. Stopped after 10 minutes.

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