Brutal Golf Mk2 1150HP 16V Turbo Acceleration from Boba-Motoring!!! Full Video

Brutal Golf Mk2 1150HP 16V Turbo Acceleration from Boba-Motoring!!! Full Video

administration | February 22 - 2018

Bobas VW Golf Mk2 4Motion 2.0L 16V Turbo street car with 1150HP & 1034Nm 58psi on E85 fuel. Turbocharger from extreme Tuners GTX42. CNC head porting from NG-Motorsports. Build and Software from Boba-Motoring

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65 thoughts on “Brutal Golf Mk2 1150HP 16V Turbo Acceleration from Boba-Motoring!!! Full Video”

    1. faster then your veryon to 190ish mph? you can tell this thing doesn’t get past 300kmh.. the veryon would win in a longer drag 

    2. +Nick Plaminek  here 300+kmh video on 800HP 😉
      VW Golf MK2 800HP 16V Turbo 322km/h (200MPH) Top Speed Brutal Acceleration!!!

    3. +Boba Motoring You need to do a video where you just max out the gear (redlining on 6th) and have a spedo to prove it. That would make the most epic acceleration video…

    4.  we all know that veyron is old and very heavy. It got technic from a couple of years ago. Agera R is new and much lighter. Still, a two ton car that goes from 0-100/0-60 in 2.5 sec is pretty quick. And then it reaches 431,6 kmh at 8.9 km straight. Agera R and Venom GT both do it at an 2.5 mile track. Veyron started designing in 1999 so it is pretty old.

    1. +X-E-Qt- R 480.000€ unterschied? also kostet der golf -130.000€? 😀
      würde gerne mal wissen, was der umbau gekostet hat, aber 20000€ kommt mir zu wenig vor… irgendwie müssen die teile ja auch einigermaßen standhaft sein^^

    2. Ach komm für 5k kriegt man im internet schon nen anständig fertige 500ps motoren. Ok etwas mehr als 20k dann. Trotzdem großer unterschied preislich zwischen lambo und diesem golf da

    3. war ja klar das dieses kommentar von einem reisschüssel fahrer kommt der von einem gtr träumt aber in wahrheit micra fährt

  1. the car is insane but i don’t believe it to be running 1150hp unless they are running like 400hp nitrous kit.

    2.0 4 cylinder engine making around 300hp per cylinder lol

    1. This car is definitely a 4 cyclinder 2.0 turbo. Turbo is fucken huge pushen alot pounds of boost through a torque monster of a 4 banger. Get your head straight, this car is flexin well over 1000 horses. Forged parts ftw…

    2. +Boba Motoring
       That is f*****g insane!!! Well done guys!!! I got a question: DO you guys have any 2jz projects??? I really wish to see it))

    1. +nacho colon
       900HP street car 0-270km/h in 8,7s 😉 (fastest street golf in the world )

      1100HP AWD 0-280km/h in 8,0s 🙂 (fastest VW AWD in the world)

      on unprepared airport track!!!

    2. +Boba Motoring Very nice car, so brutal acceleration :D, I just don’t understand why people hate so much. The Golf 2 is an legendary car.

    3. +Dusan Stevanovic because they paid 80’000 for the top of the top and this vw would make a joke out of it in 3rd gear.

  2. Könnt mir erzählen was ihr wollt aber das anlaufen und auslaufen von einem Turbolader ist eines der schönsten Geräusche die ich kenne. =)

    1. +Profispieler Wenn dieser mit einem Turbolader bestückt ist, geb ich dir recht^^
      Ohne ist V8 auch der Hammer, aber ich finde nichts geht über ein geiles zischen vom Turbo 🙂

  3. when you’re completely maxing the gauges within less than 10 seconds, you’re doing something right! :>

    1. +Mohammad Hamad That’s not the actual mileage of the engine, it’s the mileage of the chassis they used. But OP is wrong too. The guy has been through various gearboxes and cv-joints but the motor still runs strong. If done right and maintenanced properly, there’s no reason why this motor shouldn’t last for a long time. (check out his website if you don’t believe me:

    2. Absolutely. The trouble with small displacement high HP engines is that, even with titanium bearings, they won’t hold up with routine hard running. But damn it’s fun until it goes “poof”

    3. they dont drive it on full boost all time i think?

      they regulate the boost pressure or change the map of the computer and drive probably on the half xd idk but the motor last,other parts not realy until they soved all problems with it

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