Driver Distance Secrets- What Manufacturers Won’t Tell You

Driver Distance Secrets- What Manufacturers Won’t Tell You

administration | February 22 - 2018

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Isn't it always on your mind that, maybe, if I pay more, I might get a better produced, more structured, and worthy product? Don't you wonder what secrets manufacturers aren't telling you? What aspects help make a good driver or club? What are the driver distance secrets? In this video we go over key points about the driver that manufacturers won't tell you, and you can incorporate these into your club selection. Make a quality decision; Remember, the goal is to walk away with a club that works for you. We shall give you the insight and you can go make a game changing, smart buy.

I look forward to working with you much more in the future with Top Speed Golf. Good luck with your golf.

Clay Ballard

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48 thoughts on “Driver Distance Secrets- What Manufacturers Won’t Tell You”

    1. +Youngsun Kim Haha, no I don’t. If I did, I probably wouldn’t be able to tell the truth. Haha.

  1. Great video Clay, so refreshing to hear the truth from a Pro rather than the marketing speil. Does the same apply to Irons? other than cranked lofts is there any advantage of brand new Irons over a set that is 10 years old?

    1. +SuperMozzman Thanks. I would say there have been changes in the last 10 years for sure (better shafts, better internal weighting, etc.). I would say that there has been very few changes in the last 5 years though. You can pick up a clean set of Ap2’s or Ap1’s that at for $300-400. Just make sure the faces are clean and not worn down. Play well! ~Clay

  2. Thanks for the awesome video, i play with a 2008 Burner tour and i cant find a newer driver that i can hit as consistently or as far.

  3. If you want to play a better game. The most important equipment is the right golf ball. I found this out playing for years now. Get a ball that’s geared toward your swing. Educate yourself on the different characteristics of Golf ball’s and how they work with your ball striking. You’ll see a difference.

  4. It’s the Indian not the arrow! Awesome video! You may need a body guard if you lived by me in Carlsbad! DJ was awesome today !

    1. Haha. I actually love Ping clubs. They have great engineering. It’s just that all manufaturers are fiting to make clubs 2% better. You can get clubs 2% worse for an 80% discount!

  5. I also have played my ping i15 for 6 years bought it new and did not see a reason to change, but then I tried the Titleist D4 and my dispersion has improved and I shot my lowest round in years all due to ball striking. I’ll keep you all posted if the honeymoon ends.

    1. Follow up on my driver change: the Titleist D4 continue to perform better then my ping i15 by quite a margin, my handicap dropped to my lowest in many many years, I did pick up some distance but most importantly I found many more fairways this season allowing me to go pin hunting more often during my rounds. Furthermore my putting stats for this season remain constant to my last ten years so it was clear more fairway lower my scores.

    1. you have cobra driver tht have thr name in red tht show is illegal.
      and you see normal color on cobra is legal

    2. I think the last big manufacturer club that was sold was the Callaway GBB from the 90’s that had a non conforming COR…it was stamped on the head with non conforming USGA/R&A…I played it and hit it well.

  6. Watched the entire video and I must say I’m glad that I found out about those key points. Thanks Clay, very useful video!

    1. Hi Edward, I believe in love at first sight with the driver. You want to love it on that very first swing. You can always get fitted too. Let me know if you have any further questions. Play well ~ Quentin | TSG Instructor

  7. Hi. What a great video in explaining the c.o. r. Speed and your completely right they are all the same in theory. Take notice golfers be careful what you buy, I’ve learned the hard way. Thank you again.

    1. No problem Geordie! This is kind of an older video. They don’t really use this test anymore. They now use a CT test which is where they use a pendulum to swing a metal ball into the club face. They use a device to measure in milliseconds how long the metal ball stayed in contact with the face. It’s testing the same thing just in a different way. It’s much more portable and easier to administer. Play well ~ Quentin | TSG Instructor

    2. Top Speed Golf – Clay Ballard Thank you anyway for your excellent work in helping golfers understanding how golf clubs actually work and price isn’t everything.

  8. thank you – nicely explained. i used a nike drive for years – so sad when it finally wore out as i could not find a good used one and the newer models just weren’t working for me. finally i found a callaway that somewhat worked and used that for a couple years and then i got caught up in the hype – that was a budget buster – now i am back to an older model club by ping i like and am now trying to find the shaft that works best for me as my swing speed is changing as i age. i have a club fitting appointment soon and am going to try several clubs, and now that the hype doesn’t matter to me, i hopefully should be able to walk away with something i can use for years.

    1. Hi Ken, that’s great! Thank you so much for sharing. I hope you find what works best for you. Best of luck! Play well ~ Quentin | TSG Instructor

    1. Nice! Yeah, the technology really hasn’t improved that much really in the last ten years or so. If you want to save some money then you can definitely get an older one and be just as well off most of the time. Thanks for sharing. Play well ~ Quentin | TSG Instructor

  9. Thanks for this important information bro. I totally agreed with everything you have said, almost got me a $400 Taylormade driver. I’m sticking with my old drive from here on.

    1. No problem! Glad you liked the video. There is nothing wrong with getting new clubs. Just don’t expect a driver that is a few years newer or even 12 years newer to add a ton of distance. Play well ~ Quentin | TSG Instructor

  10. Launch monitors make it easy to buy new clubs. Take your old driver into the shop and ask if you can hit it using their launch monitor. Then ask if you can hit one of their new clubs. The salesman can replace the shaft on the spot. You will see right away if one is better than the other. I went from a 20 year old ping driver and a regular shaft to a new Ping G and a stiff shaft. I got 20 yards and better accuracy.

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