Easy Warm Up Cardio Workout – Fitness Blender Warm Up Workout

Easy Warm Up Cardio Workout – Fitness Blender Warm Up Workout

administration | February 22 - 2018

Light Cardio Warm Up Workout; calorie burn info & printable routine @ http://bit.ly/Tln6dg
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63 thoughts on “Easy Warm Up Cardio Workout – Fitness Blender Warm Up Workout”

    1. Yep! Me too, I wanna workout and sweat but just because your not sweating doesn’t mean your not doing it properly. So I’m going to hit replay and do the workout over again. The squats are so painful but I did it! See, just because your not sweating doesn’t mean you aren’t working hard, it also might have to do with me having anti-perspirant deodorant on…….. but thanks for making a relatable comment!

  1. Does fitness blender have any full body warm up stretch videos? I was doing Insanity for a while and switched to Fitness Blender because I got injured doing Insanity. But the one thing I liked about Insanity is that they have stretches before and after every workout. I think they are essential to avoid injury from any workout video…

    1. +FitnessBlender I agree completely. I use to do Insanity also coincidentally. I use do deep stretching before working out and would get easily injure due to my body not being fully heated. Now that I do Fitness blenders and primal Fitness both which dont advise stretching before workouts, I haven’t pulled anything. when you think about it, it makes total sense. why stretch a cold muscle? its like trying to slice frozen meat.

    2. you have to do warm up first before stretching, then followed by work out, then stretching again after work out. do not do any stretching without warm up..

  2. I wanna thank you guys for all this workout videos I lost 30 pounds following some of your workouts and eating right thanks a lot 💕

    1. some inspiration <3 thank you for this comment, I was just about to stop working out as I already ran quite a bit but thanks to your comment, I'm gonna find another workout to do

  3. I don’t need to loose weight, I just want my body to shape better, I want to look health^.^ wish me luck guys, I’m starting my journey now^.^

    1. my real name Same.I Look quite too thin on top and okay on bottom.Though I’m slim I Look like a gelatin Because I have no tonus

  4. I really like how accessible your videos are. I have fibromyalgia real bad, as well as nerve damage in my feet, so I couldn’t do about 1/2 of these, especially any of the jumping or bouncing stuff on my feet, but I was able to get my heartrate up. I especially appreciate the small next exercise previews that you’ve prepared.

  5. Damn this really works I feel warm!! and I’m sweating a bit also breathing fast today is snowing in Nyc I couldn’t go jogging this really worked now I will do my weights, I feel great!!

  6. I love this. I’m a working college student and aside from a five minute walk to each of my classes and standing for 6 hours straight at work everyday I don’t have much time or motivation to go to the gym, so i’ve been trying to find easy ways that can get me moving for even a few minutes to help me start losing weight. This work out is pretty easy while still getting my heart rate up.

    1. bless you the thing is your heart will increase when you first exercise until fully warmed up then will settle. When I run and if a long run so I might miss a proper warm up. my heart goes very fast in the first 5 mins then settles down. it takes a mile to warm Up. this is actually ok as she is doing gently just take it easy for Now. but even doing just thus warm up is great .

  7. 0:24 1. Lateral Step + Pull
    0:55 2. Slow Rocking Butt Kickers
    1:22 3. High Knee Pulls
    1:55 4. Arm Swings + Lateral Steps
    2:25 5. Torso Twists + Knees
    2:55 6. Jog in Place
    3:24 7. Squats
    3:57 8. Front Kicks
    4:25 9. Boxer Shuffle
    4:55 10. Cross Toe Touches

    1. +marym fares yup that’s soreness. The body isn’t use to it moving that much . once I did this exercise my legs were sore for like 3 days so I decided to wait it out for those 3 days and get back to it until my body got into the habit. It also helps if I stretch after the work out

  8. This was fun to do!

    I have rosy cheeks and a happy smile on my face now.

    I’ll try more next time – I had forgotten how good you felt after a good warm up / doing exercise! 🙂

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