How to Get Backspin On Chip Shots

How to Get Backspin On Chip Shots

administration | February 22 - 2018

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If you have trouble getting the ball to stop dead on the green, this Backspin for Chip Shots video is for you. We go over what creates back spin, how certain clubs affect it, and how to use it in our stroke. Start inching yourself closer and closer to the hole for easier putts. Create back spin and walk your ball to the hole. Start putting yourself in birdie situations with the right angles and loft to achieve the best backspin chips.

I look forward to working with you much more in the future with Top Speed Golf. Good luck with your golf.

Clay Ballard

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65 thoughts on “How to Get Backspin On Chip Shots”

    1. Hi Clay.  Thanks for the videos. I’ve had 4 golf pros over the course of 40 years and I am surprised to see so much helpful information.  I like hearing your explanations and I am beginning to understand the problems in my swing and hopefully how to rectify them.  Thanks again.

    1. +GambitChess Thanks. Yeah, its a pitch, but I found that most people that are looking for this type of thing use the term chip. Figured I would make it easier to find. Hope your playing great! ~Clay

    1. +Terry T Hi Terry, that is mostly just from looking at this angle. Frome face on, you will see them releasing more. You will have a bit less roll than a full swing on your short shots. Play well! ~Clay

    2. +Top Speed Golf – Clay Ballard Are these type of shots considered a 9-3 type swing? How long of an “approach” shot would you use your 60 degree on?

    3. Yeah, this would basically be a 9 to 3. It depends on the player. I usually us 56 unless I want extra spin. I would say you could use a 60 from anywhere that you want a bit extra spin. Good luck!

  1. Great videos, Clay. Any chance of letting me know what video editing software you use to draw the lines? I would like to do the same but nothing to do with golf! Cheers, Mike

    1. +Mike Johns Hi Mike. My video editor does it, so I am not sure. I think it is after effects. Play well!

  2. do you have a paypal acct, would send you something for this very good advice, that not many will give up….
    I could just join but dont like or let recurring anything on my cards…. strength training is coming along very well…

    1. +Kurt Justin Hi Kurt, I appreciate that. Glad you liked the video. I don’t do anything paypal for payment. They have terrible customer service. We use stripe, which if you look around, you will see is very secure. As with anytime you use a credit card anywhere, there is always risk. What you can do is sign up and then immediately cancel. You will still have access for however long you paid, but won’t be re-billed. Best of luck with your golf! ~Clay

    2. Thanks Clay, but not so good at the moment…hit some ice so to fit in a glass and now the hand is swollen frick.. and just after 1 month of strength training… got to hit a few before this set in.. the training was specifically for strength improvement in Golfs plane….so be off a few more weeks oh well…see if one can get booted off face book again… muslims are not to be trusted ever as long as they keep their sharia laws… it is a pedophiles bible… and I posted a vid of my swing on your facebook.. dont need lines or anything, if its ok just say that I was taking lesson from you and Rotary Swing.. playing for 7 years.. and hard at it too.. not like to be in the 20’s 66 till july lol . Have a great one, would love to see you play…Tom

    1. a ton you have to use a ball that is designed to spin. ie prov , chrome soft. the new maxfli U6 ( i think) is about 28/dz and spins more than a prov with a wedge. we tested it.

  3. God I want to shot myself. Just stop talking and show us how to do it.
    When I saw that he was giving me the tip, I knew it would be over analyzed.

  4. do not click “HERE”. It will send you to his site ask you for your email address and then they’ll tell you that the video you asked to see by leaving your email address is not available to you. Oh but “not to worry” they have more videos that you can see after you sign up to become a member for $8 bucks. Let’s all discourage “bait & switch” tactics.

  5. All those supposed top teachers who publish books and videos have nothing on you. I have been playing since the late 1970’s and was always a natural player with skills immediately but could not move past that raw skill to being a good player. Watching you has helped me immediately become a better player. I am now a subscriber and thank you for your work.

    Best golf instructor alive!!!

    1. Hi Michael
      I’m sorry you felt like it was too much information. We do try to be as detailed as possible so we don’t confuse anyone. But we will definitely take it into consideration for next time. Thank you and play well!

    2. im a firm believer that these videos are not meant for people like you Mike. You want a 1 step quick fix that allows you to get spin on your chips. Thats not how it works. Listen to the video with your eyes closed, and listen to and visualize what hes explaining. that might help. if you simply dont have the patience to try to understand what hes saying then you dont have the patience to really get better at golf.

    3. Many other golf instruction videos pass on short, to the point tips. Over-emphasising only makes the simple appear complicated. The best one (imo), videojug.

    4. Michael Gallagher is that the guy you lied in his video. If you watch it again he uses a tee and paused the video at the end. LMFAO

    1. When I was taking beginner’s lessons, I felt my instructor was talking too much irrelevant craps, but now that I am more experienced a lot what he was saying hits home and helps me a great deal. So just be patient; Clay is an excellent instructor and can help your game greatly.

  6. youll never get a lot better until you truly come to appreciate what he said. Shaft lean, angle of attack, etc. you dont need to be a math wiz to care about that stuff but it will allow you to self-teach and self-correct your own game. Its ridiculous because everyone here just wants him “to show you the tip instead of talking so much”. If you cared about golf and getting better you would realize theres more value in what he saying and explaining, then in what he actually does with the golf club. The club is moving to fast to even see what hes implementing. Its a lot better to listen to his explanations.

    1. Hi Sp33dyBeanz
      Thank you very much for your comment. We hope your game is going well!

    2. Sp33dyBeanz actually in my opinion I think that yes the talking is a good idea, however it’s done in the wrong manner. Personally I think all the explanation would work better when applied to the visual and this (In my opinion) would be best done if he showed the swing, then showed a slow motion clip of it and paused it at key points to explain why he did what he did at that point.

  7. a lot of talk before you hit the shots then when you hit the shots the video sucks. no face on view or slow motion thru impact???
    do a second take and be less wordy.

    1. Hi Bill, thank you so much for the feedback. May have rambled on too much there. Our intention certainly wasn’t to do that. We just wanted to give you as much information as possible. We have a wedge system on hour website that I think you’d really like. I believe there are some slow motion shots in there. Here is the link: Let me know if you have any questions. Play well ~ Quentin | TSG Instructor

    1. Hi Preston, thanks for the comment. Hope you are play well. All the best ~ Quentin | TSG Instructor

  8. The very first part of this should include that the ball that you use is just as important as any other part of this equation. Without a soft ball, all these nice tips are mostly wasted.

    1. Hi Dustin, I agree, the ball can make a difference for sure. Hope you’re playing great! ~ Quentin | TSG Instructor

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