How To Grip The Golf Club (Crazy Detail)

How To Grip The Golf Club (Crazy Detail)

administration | February 22 - 2018

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Grip is the very beginning. It all starts there and works its way through movement, through swing, and through release.

From novice to expert the range of how to grip the golf club is very dynamic. Each little point can help you control your swing all the way down to where the ball can land.

If you want to learn more about where to place your hands and how that has effect on where the ball will go. Watch the video for these 3 tips and l introduce an awesome training aid as well.

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52 thoughts on “How To Grip The Golf Club (Crazy Detail)”

  1. Hi Clay can you do a golf grip video from side on to see how you take the grip so shows more detail ? Keep videos coming great help to all

    1. +Lee Doodson Golf Thanks! I will try to add a video like that soon. Maybe I could do some extreme, closeup pictures from every angle. Is that along the lines of what you were thinking? Play well!! ~Clay

  2. Yes that would be great Clay cause I have a neutral grip but just wanna make sure it’s in right part of hands many thanks

    1. +Lee Doodson Golf Ok, thanks for the suggestion Lee. I will put that on my list of videos to make. ~Clay

  3. I went to graphite shafts about 6 months ago since using the top speed swing I’ve been hooking my irons. I was having trouble with my right elbow could the shaft be causing that since my club head speed has increased

    1. +James Banks It could be partly the shaft. If your clubhead speed has increased, it is easier to hook with a weaker shaft. I would first feel like you swing a bit more left and have the face open a bit more coming through contact. That way you straighten out the hooks. Then look into the shafts from there. Good luck! Let me know how you do! ~Clay

    1. +Keith Dennis Sounds like a connection issue. What happens when you click the link in the description?

  4. Just wanted to thank you for this video. I am someone who has always sliced the ball. Recently I have been able to hit more of a fade but the huge slice would still show up from time to time. However, changing my grip like you demonstrated in this video resulted in a round that I just finished without a single slice or fade and even some nice draws. Now if I can just learn to trust it and set up to account for my new shot shape I will be in business! Thank you so much!!!

    1. +Tyler Devinney That is great Tyler, glad to hear it! You will have to let us all know how you do as you continue to practice. Keep up the good work! ~Clay

  5. I have large hands should I use mid-size or oversize grips. How does that effect our ball flight and direction.?

  6. Thanks Clay, this was a game changer :). I have always struggled with consistent grip. Now my wrists and hands are relaxed. I’m hitting more consistently and at least one club longer.

  7. Another great video Clay, great in depth detail, very well explained and presented which is a skill in itself – I have always played with a long left thumb but have consistently struggled to square the club face, i followed your advice and bingo – Guys try this out and stop at impact position – Long left thumb face = Open …. Short thumb face = Square ….. the longer the club the more this is exaggerated.

  8. Great””” video!! – One of the best when it comes to detail.. Where do I purchase the “Snap on Golf Grip you mentioned? (I have not been able to locate one). “Your help would be appreciated.. Thanks Clay!

    1. Hey Mark, huge fan right here ๐Ÿ™‚ Nice work! Play well ~ Quentin | TSG Instructor

  9. Another crack pot tip! Let me give you a lesson, when the left hand is put on that way (for a right hander) it will make the club face wide open at impact! Way to high up in the palm! ๐Ÿ™„

  10. Great video…one of the best I’ve seen on grip…if I can add my 2 cents based on my experiences going from a hacker to a 4 handicap, I started out with a very strong grip (probably to help overcome my swing faults) to fight a slice and then as I got better the grip became more neutral but my misses were always hooks so after doing some research about Mr. Hogan’s grip, I went to the range and tried lining my V’s up to the left eye (which I believe is what Mr. Hogan used when he went to his weaker grip)…it felt very weird at first but my hook was gone and I could go at it as hard as I wanted and my ball flight was generally straight or with a baby draw…as a side benefit I discovered I could hit baby fades too….the moral of my personal story is everybody’s swing is different so don’t be afraid to go to the range and try adjusting your grip and watch what it does to your ball flight…you might discovery your own grip secret.

    1. Hi Steve, thank you for sharing your story. I agree 100%. Keep up the hard work! ~ Quentin | TSG Instructor

    2. Thanks Quentin…btw after doing some online legwork I made contact with my old swing coach, Mike Keymont and will be starting up lessons again on my way back to playing golf again…thanks for all the replies and good luck with TSG…you guys have great videos, some of the best I’ve ever seen.

  11. I noticed a number of more modern players use a stronger grip than was taught in the 70s. I also have noticed that trying to get “shaft lean” tends to open up the club face at impact with a more neutral grip. Using a stronger grip seems to make it easier to keep a square club face during a strong rotation into the ball and with “leaning the shaft,” and compressing the ball. I haven’t taken this to the range as yet (new thoughts) but it seems to make sense to me. I have seen that rotating quickly and strongly through often ends up with a slightly high fade, especially with the longer clubs (3 hybrid, fairway woods and esp the driver), sometimes a push or sometimes getting the club a little stuck behind. Your thoughts?

    1. HI, thanks for the comment. Yes, a stronger grip can make it a little easier to get forward shaft lean. If you have a weaker grip then you’ll need to square the face at impact by turning the handle bowing the lead wrist. This is what Clay talks about in The Move section on the website. Play well ~ Quentin | TSG Instructor

    1. Hi Kai, you keep finding our boring videos ๐Ÿ™‚ Hope you can find one more exciting. Play well! ~ Quentin | TSG Instructor

    1. HI, let me know what you don’t understand and I’ll be glad to help in any way I can. ~ Quentin | TSG Instructor

    2. Thanks for answer! I’m almost scratch hcp:er ! But the grip for me has always been a issuse. I have never felt the melt part with my hand. Feels like my left hand slips somehow during the swing. And I cant prefrom as i could do. So please more detail on exact Point where to have the girp in your hand please.

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