Quick Sweat Cardio Workout to Lose Weight & Burn Belly Fat Fast

Quick Sweat Cardio Workout to Lose Weight & Burn Belly Fat Fast

administration | February 22 - 2018

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91 thoughts on “Quick Sweat Cardio Workout to Lose Weight & Burn Belly Fat Fast”

  1. I like to sit on my bed and watch these videos and then convince myself I’ll do them later… everytime he says begin I feel like such a cheat

    1. I’m feeling wonderful in my new physical form. I lost 23 pounds and lost a lot of fat at the waist. The diet I followed is very efficient. The diet is on this site here *TOP2DIET. COM*

  2. That was quick and sweaty! I’m all covered in sweat! thank you, fitnessblender! And to everyone who is trying to get in shape, keep in mind that you can do it! Never give up! ^^

  3. IM DOING THIS, DAY2!!!!! Stay motivated everyone. Pain is temporary, Quitting lasts forever. Im going to update you after I achieve my ideal body. 😍

    1. Ariana Panganiban hey it’s been two years and I was wondering if you have gotten that ideal body you wanted. Hope everything is okay. Cause it’s only been 2 damn years lmao

  4. To all the teens here asking if they can do this workout…. Really?! Any exercise is good for you, a 6 year old can try it too up to his own abilities. You wanna do it, just do it.

  5. I am 12 years old and I weigh 167 pounds and I am 5’2. I have been doing this workout for 3 days now and haven’t seen results yet but I think it’s because I’m eating wrong. So I’m going to try and diet and give you guys results.

    1. Dieting and exercise work together, although dieting is better and faster, exercise strengthens your bones and if you’re really ambitious to lose weight, I would suggest doing both. For dieting, I suggest just finding out how many calories you need to eat to lose weight because you are still very young and are still growing, when you grow and eat less, you’ll eventually thin out. Trust me. It works.

    2. 115 is NOT FAT Your BMI (body mass index) is very healthy for your height. But it’s still good to excersize. Never change yourself for someone else. Do it for yourself 🙂 Good luck!

    3. Izabella Angulo I looked up a men’s one and I think I’m going to try that instead and go on a diet… but I can never keep my diet…. if anyone can help plz write back to me plz ❤️️😊

    1. don’t give up. start slowly and don’t do the full range of motion, if it’s too much for you. 🙂

    2. +Salina Sageer or maybe if you stretch a few days in advance. If your muscles aren’t used to moving a whole lot get them used to stretching first, then move on to exercising.

  6. why don’t you make a video with person with 120kg and do this exercise that will make me more convincing to do it

    1. Ingeborg Rieken-Gerwing hello! There’s no judgement implied, simply that a fatty like myself would do more injury than good to do such exercises. If she’s had such a journey then fair play to her, but you don’t do exercises like this at the start of the journey. All you’ll be having is torn ligaments and knackered joints.

    2. PetruBear sorry for implying judgment! yeah, she definitely had a long journey till today and this is not a beginner’s workout, so I don’t recommend using this at the start of your journey as you mentioned as well 🙂 they do have an awesome website though where you can find lots of workouts (all for free) and search in categories too, I’d totally give that one a look or two 🙂

  7. at 4:00 and my heart is beating crazy I had to pause I haven’t worked out long time ago but I’m starting today I need some cheer to keep me going damn I will not give up and will try to update.. back to the video now I will finish it.. 💪💪

    1. today I was extremly sick I still did it but I had to pause a little bit.. this day is one of the hard days I still did it and did a warm up and a cool down.. I’m happy that I didn’t stay still becouse I’m sick and did it anyways even if it was harder than yesterday ✌

    2. today was great I didn’t paus at all my heart is beating crazly now yet I feel so good.. still not seeing any results just have to work and wait..

    3. Ashhad ELF any updates? How is it if you are still doing it? Want to try this but don’t want to do it if there are no results.

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