Robin Willims – Golf (full version)

Robin Willims – Golf (full version)

administration | February 22 - 2018

The funniest clip of his I've ever seen!

45 thoughts on “Robin Willims – Golf (full version)”

  1. Only Robin could do it like Robin.  “Could you please be quieter, I’d like to hear the grass grow.”

  2. That table of water bottles is a lie. Do NOT drink anything while watching this – you will choke to death while laughing!

  3. As I am sitting eating my lunch and watching a little of the British Open in St. Andrews I was reminded of this skit by Robin, one of his best ever!

    1. you should have literally just screamed Goal like the Spanish football announcer when they got the ball into the hole

  4. Another memory I have of Robin Williams. His bit on how golf was created. I watched this all the time, back when I first started college, way back five years ago.

    1. +Jiminy Cricket awww man! I thought you were mentioning a routine about gold that I hadn’t heard of and was ready to look it up. BAD TYPO DUDE!!!!! lol….just messing with you. This is some if his best work. He is definitely missed…..

    1. not a weeb if you don’t have a body pillow and don’t jerk off, i am a nice Asian boy who doesn’t touch himself, and sleeps on a plain bed sorry to disappoint 😛

    2. Really! Wassup with that? Every other sport you get to cheer and even JEER the opponents! …Soccer, Football, Baseball, Hockey, Basketball,… Let people cheer and taunt, THEN see who’s a great golfer! LOL!

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    4. gnadxam its funny because all he said was weeb not about jerking off so you seem defensive about something he didnt accuse you of. Seems your hiding something lol 😛

    1. Well, i dont think is about being lucky but being adventurous, What i v seen in Us is that people like it easy and dont want to take extra steps to make things happen, ie: traveling by car from coast to coast which I v done it with my friends whom were complaining at first (OMG, we have to drive from CA all the way to north ?!) well, that s the whole beauty of it, in which we get a chance to see/experience  forest, waterfalls and of course 26 hot springs in Oregon 🙂 I didn’t want to leave the hot spring which was more like free spa. Imagine you r in a hot spring contains minerals, next to a waterfall, surrounded by snow

    2. Thank you for getting back. U r quite right. I’ve worked with those who never step out of their comfort zone. Thirty years of experience is one year thirty times. I read on someone’s blog(?) “The comfort zone is a peaceful place where nothing grows.” The most I’ve driven is from South Jersey to Montreal, Canada. Along the way we stopped at Acadia National Park. The scenery there is astounding. I also climbed Mt. Washington on the way there & the way back. 70 deg. F at the base, 30 deg. & snowing on the summit, in the summer! Time to walk the dogs, keep in touch & see all that you can.

    3. there are many parts to a scottish accent the fife accent is, wow, horrid, weegies, well we are the best teuchters…then SHETLAND, up there in SHETLAND, so many nuances i guess we are all just s well saying sean connery is the archetype despite only 6 people in scotland sounding like that

    1. Thomas Huffman Cuz you aint never……. evvver…. had a frrrrriiennd likkee meeeeeeee!……… you aint never had a friend like me (sign points)

    1. xD i just love watching it
      show it to my friends to try and translate and they be like O: “WHAT?”

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