Stop Rushing the Downswing Trick

Stop Rushing the Downswing Trick

administration | February 22 - 2018

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Do you feel like you need to crush the ball to get a decent hit? Are you hitting with force and not getting anywhere? How would you like to have control of your downswing? Maybe you're rushing in the down swing and sacrificing contact. How do we get a nice smooth swing and keep all the distance? Slow down your swing, gain more control, and keep that distance we're all looking for! In this stop rushing the downswing trick video we cover some tips to effectively gain more control and be more consistent as you transfer through different parts of the swing. Let's get started!

I look forward to working with you much more in the future with Top Speed Golf. Good luck with your golf.

Clay Ballard

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49 thoughts on “Stop Rushing the Downswing Trick”

  1. Thanks for these videos Clay – you and Shaun Clement are the best instructors on YouTube, by far. Your drills have me pure-ing the ball, Thank you!

  2. I am having a problem with Olympic commentators referring to golfers, darts players and clay pigeon shooters as athletes.
    Maybe we will see dominoes in the next Olympics. They are games, not sports!

    1. No way buddy… I’ve played baseball, basketball, tennis, hockey, football, racquetball etc … And I’ve always been an above average to one of the better players on the field and golf is by far the toughest sport I’ve tried. Everyone can catch a fly ball, get lucky and pop a 3, or just hustle and somewhat compete at certain sports but not golf! You take someone who’s never swung a club and say here hit this driver off the tee and I bet they miss 10 out of 10 or mayb they make bad contact and hit a weak grounder at best. Even a pro athlete and I bet that’s why so many pros pick up the game too. We can’t stand being the worst guy on the course… I used to say golf is for old men and people w no game in other sports but once I played a round I was hooked. It’s hard as hell and the challenge is what keeps me coming back for more abuse.

    2. so true Very hard to play !! So interesting too !!!! Most of all golfers never change over to other sports but most of everyone seems to want to play golf After awhile !! the greatest game ever !!

    3. most golfers have fine motor skills and athleticism to play most sports. most athletes can’t pick up golf. think of this. tiger woods stopped juicing and he’s not even competitive anymore.

    1. the takeaway plane is not always the right plane. much more likely to push it or lose it to the right (slice) if you try to follow that same over the top backswing on your downswing. look at the pros. they all shallow to some degree.

  3. Clay, you are BY FAR the best “daggone” instructor. After a decade of hackin’ it, you’ve dropped my handicap by maybe 15 strokes in just two months. Absolutely love your stuff. No ego–just clear, concise, thorough instruction that clears up so much of the mystery in the swing. 

    Best part is, swing model is amazing and athletic, like Adam Scott or Tiger 2000. Kind of like what Kelvin Miyahira preaches, except without the ego, soap box, or completely unhelpful blog posts. (Impact snap is great though, and Kelvin seems super nice in person.)  

    Everyone should SERIOUSLY check out No, I’m not a shill. Just your average Wall Street stiff that went from shankin’em into the boats at Chelsea Piers to absolutely COMPRESSING the living day lights out of the ball. Never felt that before, even after reading TGM etc. and now can do it every time. Sorry for posting an essay.

  4. One thing that might help people stop rushing their downswing is too REALLY think light grip. As a former racquetball player who over gripped the racquet, lightening up my golf grip has worked miracles for creating lag and cleaner ball striking. A tight grip makes you want to lead the downswing with your hands and arms and it shortens the swing arc causing topped shots and even total misses.

    1. Hi Leroy
      Thank you for your comment. We couldn’t agree more. Less tension in the grip will certainly help not rush the downswing. Keep up the good work!

    2. grip strength is very touchy topic. ive tried higher than average light grip and sometimes you feel like you dont have complete control of the club.

    1. Hi Jan
      Thank you for your comment. We’re glad you found the video helpful. Good luck with your game!

  5. Sergio is a perfect example of proper lag. His actually starts on the downswing. I’ve never seen anyone else swing like him & he’s known as 1 of the best drivers of the ball.

    1. Hi Mike
      Thank you for your comment. We couldn’t agree more and you can see that it is proven successful. Thanks again and good luck with your game!

  6. You are an amazing instructor Clay. I’ve watched a lot of YouTube vids regarding golf instruction, you have a great teaching ability where you explain technique with such detail and clarity with just the right amount of the science behind it. You got a great way of taking something very technical and simplifying it. Keep it up man! Thanks for all this amazing instruction buddy! Top speed golf is awesome!

  7. Love, love, love your tips Clay..still struggling with ‘over the top’ but am dedicated to get rid of that awful habit once and for all!

  8. Excellent lesson and best visual I have found demonstrating a complete turn, and using the turn and not the arms to take the club back.

  9. Love this simple explaination. Brilliant!!…Exactly why and when I start to hurry my downswing and lose my Tempo, Rhythm, and Timing. I usually come right over the top as a result…Thanks!

    1. Hi Brian, glad you liked the video. This is very common and might be one of the biggest swing faults I see. I even do this from time to time. Play well ~ Quentin | TSG Instructor

    1. Hi Selamat, I agree, we do over complicate things sometimes. I wish this game was simpler too. Play well ~ Quentin | TSG Instructor

  10. 3:00  Interesting – if you turn enough you’ll have more time to pickup speed and swing smoothly down.  Bobby Jones said the exact same thing in his film series made back in the 1930’s!  Everything old becomes new again!

    1. Hi Bob
      Thank you for your comment. It’s amazing how those guys back then had it down so right. Best of luck with your game in 2018!

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