ASOS ACTIVEWEAR REVIEW | Is it worth the money? | CAT MEFFAN

ASOS ACTIVEWEAR REVIEW | Is it worth the money? | CAT MEFFAN

administration | March 25 - 2018

Everything you need to know about the new ASOS 4505 collection!

Lilac Leggings – *
Lilac Bra – *
Yellow Leggings – *
Yellow Bra – *
Green Leggings – *
Khaki Shorts – *
Geometric Leggings – *
Geometric Bra – *
Compression Leggings – *
Green Shorts (not featured) – *
Yoga One piece (not featured) – *

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I filmed this on my Canon G7X without a microphone. I didn't need lights for this video, but when I do, I use these studio lights –

32 thoughts on “ASOS ACTIVEWEAR REVIEW | Is it worth the money? | CAT MEFFAN”

  1. You’re a gem. 
    Also, loved the downward dog test so I would say keep it up in future videos? You really helped a girl out!

  2. I absolutely hate this collection. As someone who was waiting so long for Asos to bring out its own activewear; the fit, the fabric, the cut, the style, the colours, everything looks awful. Save your money.
    I think even Primarks activewear was better than this! Only the plus sized pieces looked good. Everything else was poor.

  3. On Carly’s video they all look pretty see through 🤔 lighting or quality? Btw have you received the same items (rather than picked them)?

    1. I’ve worn both the yellow and lilac ones for yoga and don’t feel that they’re see-through. 🙈 We both bought our own items… but we do usually have similar taste so it doesn’t surprise me that we got some of the same! ❤️

  4. Loved this! Sorry if this is a bit personal, but what thong do you reccomend for yoga? I tried a sweaty betty one and it is so chafe-y!! 😉

  5. Ummmmm ok I know this is all about ASOS but I am in love with your long sleeve cute ballet style top! Where is THAT from!? Please share.

  6. yeah they obviously copy Stella McCartney, i mean ASOS is a big company why dont they make their own stuff instead of ripping off someone else’s designs…

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