Bedtime Yoga – Winding Down & Relaxing 10 Min Yoga

Bedtime Yoga – Winding Down & Relaxing 10 Min Yoga

administration | March 25 - 2018

Bedtime Yoga Flow – This Beginners Yoga is perfect for winding down your night. This 10 Minute Yoga class will Stretch your back, lower back, neck, shoulders, hamstrings, and leave you more flexible, and feeling relaxed, calm, and ready to rest. Learn How To Safely and Holistically help get to sleep and relax enough for a nice comfortable nights sleep with this Follow Along, Instructional Yoga Video. Certified Yoga Instructor, Cole Chance from Austin TX, leads this Yoga flow. This is a Beginners level instructional Yoga video.





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27 thoughts on “Bedtime Yoga – Winding Down & Relaxing 10 Min Yoga”

  1. Always cheerful and comforting way to practice yoga with your guidance, varieties of yoga sequences you do gives me more options what sort of practice I am feeling to do within the time I have for each practice. This quick bedtime yoga is very encouraging especially when a long practice seems daunting, but body and mind need a little stretch and calming down before going to bed. Thank you so much for widening my practice routine, absolutely brilliant!
    You have a bunch of fans of you all over the world, here is one from Japan Cole!

  2. Love love love these videos, have helped me tremendously with my back pain and anxiety! I try to do one of your videos per day! Thanks Cole 🙂

  3. I love Cole Chance. You’re a fun instructor, and make learning yoga soooooo much fun!!! I love the words of wisdom and advice, it really helps me get through my day!

  4. I use this video every night and it helps me so much to relax and feel better. thank you Cole… You are such a beautiful soul!

  5. I really love these videos but I struggle to sit cross-legged, if I sit with my legs out in front of me does it make a difference, if so is there any other suggestions?

  6. sometimes I get more out of these shorter practices. I can’t stay focused when it’s too static. This is one of my favorites

  7. A YouTube commercial half way through the yoga session is not good :'( you can control the way they work you know!

  8. My 5 last breaths brought me to tears tonight. But in the most spiritual way ever! It helped me release all of the negative energy I had been balling up all day.. thank-you so much for this practice!

  9. I loved that, except for a loud annoying ad decided to play about 9 minutes end. It ruined my zen! But the actual practice was great.

  10. Lightbulb moment: more people (like myself) would watch this video repeatedly if there wasn’t that disturbing interruption of an ad in there, giving overall MORE views and likely more revenue.
    I thought to myself about 7 minutes in that I was going to bookmark this video to revisit because I was liking it so much as I was doing the practice but truly, having an ad midway thru a YOGA practice video is unacceptable. I gotta deal with products being thrust at me allllllll day, I come to yoga for a break.
    So no thank you, but thank you.

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