Day 10 – 10 min Sun Salutation Practice -30 Days of Yoga

Day 10 – 10 min Sun Salutation Practice -30 Days of Yoga

administration | March 25 - 2018

Join Adriene on Day 10 of The 30 Days of Yoga journey! 10 min Sun Salutation Practice! Get used to moving with the breath. Practice this in the morning to set the tone for your day!
This Day 10 Sun Salutation sequence is great if you are on the go and should feel awesome after 9 days of an amazing 30 Day Yoga journey! Use this practice to work on synchronizing the movement with the breath. Increase strength and flexibility as you welcome warmth to the body. Sun Salutations warm up the body and can refresh us in so many ways. Great for the nervous system! Great for the immune system! Great for depression! Make adjustments as needed and listen to your body!

Connect and support others down below! Cultivate positivity. Remember each day is different! The journey is the reward! See you tomorrow!

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52 thoughts on “Day 10 – 10 min Sun Salutation Practice -30 Days of Yoga”

  1. The sun salutation is a firm fave! Still not great at resting in down dog but the flow of the vinyasa is so soothing!

  2. Me before video: 10 minutes i get off easy today
    Me after video: sweating like a dog (just a regular dog, not an upward or downward one ;))

  3. This was short and sweet 🙂 Already a third done of this challenge, makes me a bit sad, but looking forward to the 20 days that are still ahead! 🙂

    1. Hi! I started my training about 10 years ago. Spent several years in a program here in Austin – Hatha based – and loved it. Then continued with a Healing In Yoga Co-op  where my teachers hailed directly from Rodney Yee from there and do continued education with various folks like Leslie Kaminoff and Shiva Rea. Stay tuned we have collaborations and big goals for trainings to come! Love. 

  4. You are so amazing. I love your videos, but your “smiling” personality is unique. I love your teaching techniques. I love yoga. Thanx from Hungary 🙂

  5. I am a large hairy kinda man. My doctor suggested i try yoga. Since i dont look good in yoga pants i do it at home. Both my knees and elbows are damaged from work and a lifetime of heavy lifting and bodybuilding plus having stress and anxiety from daily life. I scoffed at yoga. I made fun of it. After day ten I havent felt this good, or limber or mobile in 15 years. Thank you Adriene for saving my life and making me smile while doing it.

  6. I just touched my toes for the first time after watching this video and I’m not ashamed to admit that I cried with excitement as this is a very big deal to me because I’ve always wanted to but never been able to before. Thank you so much 🙂

    1. Me too! Did I miss something? I was pretty sure that ‘was what she said each time. Maybe try it again and switch feet? My left really wants to stretch still …

  7. I just did this practise and when standing at the end, feeling the beat of my heart and listening to my breath, I felt overwhelmed with peace and clarity and almost cried. I have a lot of changes coming up in my life that are making me very scared and stressed out but yoga grounds me and reminds me that change is good and positive. Thank you so much for this video 🙂

    1. +keeptheareaclear I could hear my breath too, and my heart was hammering beneath my thumbs. Yoga is so holistic and connected… It is so beautiful. You cannot achieve this feeling via gym.

    2. +keeptheareaclear I feel the same way. I just started dong yoga with her videos and the way I feel at the end is impossible to describe

  8. Im 9 and I tried doing kids yoga but it was too easy and I felt like it wasnt doing anything for me so I found you and your videos are perfect they are challenging and I love them and I look forward to them every day I have one problem though every time I do a lunge I have to put my foot sideways from the front foot but if I keep it in line with the front foot I just fall into my splits can you give me some tips please

    1. +Daranii Asoba You are doing the splits by accident? I am so jealous right now!!! 🙂 Sorry, I have no advice. I struggle with stepping into lunges as well, I always have to readjust my foot.

  9. today was the first day out of 10 where downward facing dog felt good and sort of easier. cannot believe that it takes so little every day to feel good! thank you, Adriene!!!

  10. a year after my original comment and this is still a great flow. It’s funny how you often forget the repeated sun salutations can make you feel alive [read: out of breath/warm] on a cold day! I find comfort in the vinyasa and I’m finding ease where I used to find resistance. Downward dog is MORE restful but not so much that I can stay for too long. A short visit is enough for now, though!

    1. This is a very good point. I switched from one to the other instead. A really nicely produced video, but every class I’ve ever done switches sides.

    2. If you watch her sun salutation B she changes sides. I believe it was simply a mistake that she didn’t do the left side the second time. Even her intonation when she says right the second time would indicate that in her mind she was doing the opposite side to the first.

    3. She switches the legs each sequence (first the right leg goes back, then the right leg goes to the front), actually. You all need to watch and listen carefully.

  11. I am really depressed with my body and idk if this is beneficial to toning in just 30 days but I’m doing it for the sake of doing something.

    1. It’s a great start! I finished Day 9 about 10 mins ago. From zero exercise to yoga challenge 🙂 Goodluck!

  12. I was kind of glad this one was short and it was a nice stretch out. Praying you had a happy holiday (Merry belated Christmas) and will have a blessed New Year. Namaste.

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