Day 6 – SIX PACK ABS – 30 Days of Yoga

Day 6 – SIX PACK ABS – 30 Days of Yoga

administration | March 25 - 2018

Join Adriene on Day 6 of The 30 Days of Yoga journey! Six Pack Abs! Yogi style. This is a shorter practice to tone the abdominals in a mindful way that feels fun and supportive! Also, almost everyone wants more core strength and tone abdominals. You asked for it!
Use this Day 6 practice to check in with the core. Mindful core training will support your entire practice and whole body health. While tone abs are something we all fancy (me too) core strength training is so much more than washboard abs or a flat tummy. By building core strength you are supporting the the back and all of the muscles that surround your dear spinal cord. By working those muscles we are taking some of our weight off the spine and engaging the entire body. We are more likely to do active, engaging things when the body is strong & engaged. Great for runners, dancers, movers and shakers! Great for grounding the spirit.

Connect and support others down below! Cultivate positivity. Remember each day is different! The journey is the reward! See you tomorrow!

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58 thoughts on “Day 6 – SIX PACK ABS – 30 Days of Yoga”

  1. I enjoyed this 😄 I want to do more abdominal exercises so I think I’ll repeat this s few times during the month along with the other practices! Xxx

  2. I loove your workouts!! I’m so stressed all the time and since I do your workouts I feel so much better!! Thank you. you changed my life! :))
    Yesterday I had a hard ab workout 😀 I felt it in your workout today 😀

  3. I was totally passing my cell phone through my legs when you said “you can use anything… except your cell phone.” 

    BUSTED! =)

  4. This was just the right amount of challenge. I used a stuffed animal shaped like a wombat for my prop in the final pose. Namaste!

  5. Hi, Adriene. I just want to thank you. I’ve been doing your 30 day Challenge, and it’s exactly what I need to reengage with my body after a back injury two years ago. This series is what makes a place like YouTube really special. You are helping so many people. Thank you. I hope incredible things come to you.

  6. Am I the only person that wishes the closing of the videos was like 3-5 more minutes of just laying there with Adrienne talking?

  7. Doing this challenge under your guidance has been much more effective than the antidepressants I’ve been prescribed. Thank you!

    1. IMO the best part of working out is the mood lift I get from it, so rewarding! Happy you’re doing well.

    1. It’s from squeezing the block between your legs, which adds a challenge for my thighs, at least. This is my favorite ab workout, so sometimes I do it with or without the block for those 2 moves. My block is usually a throw pillow 😉

  8. oh wow this one TRIED me. I have a soft, squishy belly and no existing ab muscles. So this was TOUGH. My core is on fire, but in a good way. Thanks, Adriene!

  9. I had  really rough day today and I wanted to crawl into bed and cry the rest of the day, but I quickly reached for this video and I feel a lot better now! Thank you (:

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