Goodbye Stress Calming Stretching Workout — Full Body Yoga Infused Stretching Routine

Goodbye Stress Calming Stretching Workout — Full Body Yoga Infused Stretching Routine

administration | March 25 - 2018

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43 thoughts on “Goodbye Stress Calming Stretching Workout — Full Body Yoga Infused Stretching Routine”

  1. i love the fitness blender style – easy to understand – not annoying – easy to see – the only thing I wish you guys had is a countdown timer – thanks – these are great videos and exercise routines!

  2. like the stretches but it went by way too much for me! I’d only begin to feel the stretch when you went on to the next one. perhaps I’ll do this one over

    1. With any particular lesson you learn the basic poses/movements and modify how long and deep you go into them on your own time. Cause I experienced the same thing – once something was feeling good I didn’t know why we had to move on.

  3. Just because you can’t do everything the same way Kelli does it doesn’t make her video suck and doesn’t mean you can’t keep doing it. I used to be unable to touch my toes. Now My forehead is at my knees with flexed feet when I stretch toward them. Keep working at it, it isn’t THEIR fault if you aren’t willing to work toward it. This is an AMAZING stretch routine. It’s the only one of theirs I use on a daily basis because I love this one so much.

    1. +FitnessBlender dont know why i didn’t do this till today 🙂 i just type yoga and this one pop for my stretching when day off fitness 🙂 thanks ! hope to see some new yoga meditation session on fitnessblender !

  4. I try to do this every morning before school.. and sometimes after workout… hopefully I’ll get more bendy during the time. (Right now I’m stiff as a stick xP)

  5. I just want to take a moment to appreciate you guys, I am absolutely in love and obsessed with your work outs and motivation. It truly believe it or not has changed my life for the better. All this anger and stress I used to carry has turned into toned legs and fat free abs because of you guys. 
    THANK YOU!!!!

    1. lauren kim I completely agree! I love the workouts… nice, simple and to the point. Thank you both! you guys are awesome!

  6. Wow, I had stopped exercising for like 2 or 3 weeks and just started again with this workout… it killed me!! It’s not that hard but I was shaking at the end haha
    Why is it so easy to get out of shape but so hard to get back in shape :'(

    1. Hahaha, you’re like me. I’ve been on holidays and stopped exercising for 2 weeks and now it’s really hard to get back in shape.

  7. My muscles were so sore from previous workout an omg doing these stretches felt sooo good my body feels less stiff now an the aches aren’t bad anymore at all. Love it thanks guys 😀

  8. Cool, I really needed this to just freshen up after sleeping in all day after working a night shift. Awesome vid!

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