Morning Yoga – 10 Minute Stretch & Strengthen Sequence

Morning Yoga – 10 Minute Stretch & Strengthen Sequence

administration | March 25 - 2018

Morning Stretch & Strengthening Sequence For Beginners – This 10 minute energizing yoga class is perfect to help boost your energy in the morning, gain strength, and focus. Gain Flexibility, Energy & jump start your day! Certified Yoga Instructor Cole Chance from Austin TX, leads this Yoga flow. This is a Beginners level instructional Yoga video.


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34 thoughts on “Morning Yoga – 10 Minute Stretch & Strengthen Sequence”

  1. Hi Cole! You are just great! So happy to see your new video first thing in the morning! I’m about to begin…..namaste!

  2. I love watching your videos! Thank you so much for doing them. What a lovely place to do yoga. Just looking at your surroundings is relaxing. And what a good, sweet, beautiful fur-baby. 💜🐶

  3. Great, quick sequence. Cole, how do you get your dog to lie so quietly? My dogs think its either play time or smooches time when I get on the floor! 😄

  4. This made my day! Thanks for adding another great morning flow – perfect addition to my rotation. Simply beautiful!

  5. Such a beautiful and gentle, loving way to start the morning. I feel like I just gave my body a big hug this morning! Thank you Cole!

  6. Hi Cole, I accidentally found your morning yoga video just now. It is short and sweet morning routine energy booster for busy life styles. You and your dog looks so relaxed and with your sweet and gentle voice it makes it more enjoyable and easy to concentrate. Lots of love to you and a special cuddle to Shanti. xx.

  7. I have now made you my official yoga instructor. yesterday I tried one of your videos and liked it, but this one is perfect! your tone is warm and soothing. I have had 2 knee surgeries and you help me stay limber without hurting my knee. thank you sooo much!!!

  8. Great way to start the day. After being out of practice for awhile, I love these short sequences that I can do a few times a day. You’re so awesome! Hopefully I can come to your class sometime. I’m over in Gtown lol

  9. Hello Cole
    Please advise in the beginning if these aashans can be done by neuro patients with spine, shoulder & neck issues

    1. For me it was hard rock music with Yves Saint Laurent perfume, twice. I couldn’t believe it! Although I did enjoy the yoga, never again being distracted in that way. So hard to find thé flow again. Thanks anyway!

  10. Am I the only one doing this at night? felt like the right thing to do while I was searching a video for my daily practice. And gooosh! I needed it, thank you so much Cole

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