Yoga For Upper Back Pain | Yoga With Adriene

Yoga For Upper Back Pain | Yoga With Adriene

administration | March 25 - 2018

Simple yoga for upper back pain. In the sequence Adriene takes you through an all levels yoga sequence that will create space and provide relief for upper back pain. Great for those who have tight neck and shoulders and great for anyone looking to improve their posture. Take time to stretch this area of the body if you work at a computer, play an instrument or carry a small child around all day! Breathe deep, hop on the mat and stretch the upper back and shoulders. Release tension and stress and find what feels good.

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51 thoughts on “Yoga For Upper Back Pain | Yoga With Adriene”

  1. 1 of 2 ~
    Hi Stacey, this is SUCH a good question because we all feel it. Its our truth and vulnerability all beautifully wrapped into one. My answer is long and won’t fit in the space they give us here so I am absolutely going to talk about this in the next VLOG (videoblog) and written it down with your name 🙂 I hope that you will stay tuned for that. For now say this… I stay motivated by connecting. This sounds cheesy but is so true.

  2. 2 of 2 ~ I make a goal to connect to myself each day. I make a goal to connect to others each day. And each in turn truly serves and motivates each other. When I do not do this I get a little swallowed in my books, my computer, netflix, etc. so I try to make a point to do these two things each day. Sometime yoga really is going to class and kicking butt and giving gratitude. Sometimes yoga is a long walk with the dog with good music only to return home for a glass of wine and good movie.

  3. (OKay there is 3!) The second part is connecting to others- LIKE WE ARE NOW. Getting inspired by others. I used to feel jealousy of others and now I feel inspiration for example. Connecting like we are now helps us stay motivated and keep in touch. I cannot tell you the inspiration- the motivation- I get from this channel.
    So- keep in touch. Let me know how it goes. Remember Yoga is unique to you it and can look like whatever you create/want it to look like each day. Find ease & let it unfold.

  4. Yes, on the way! Many have made this request and Yoga can provide such relief- mentally, physically and emotionally! Stay tuned….

    1. Yoga With Adriene thank you! I injured myself by using my body asymmetrical. Caring everything with the same shoulder etc. It caused the non dominant shoulder to be weak and upperback to be tight and my muscled dont support me the right way. A lot of doctors have tried to help me and they all adviced the same three things: use a backpack instead of a shoulder bag or hand bag, adjuct you working space to your height and lastly, go do yoga! I have a long way to go but you have helped me so much. I would love more videos about these parts since a lot of people suffer from injury from to much desk related work.

    2. Aleta Thomas here is another one. I went to the doctors. It had to do with many things but mostly hyperventilation. Yes even if you dont know it. It means that you breath in more than you breath out. Try to watch you breath. Also try to sit up straight.

    3. harwinder singh see my coment. Try to watch you breath. Breath out enough. Also sit up straight and try to keep moving. When you sit collapsed you put a lot of pressure on that part. Try to remind yourself to roll your shoulders back. Trust me, start now. I have been dealing with recovering from serious injury for more than a year now. Only because i thought i would be fine

    4. Cheers for the Video! Forgive me for butting in, I would appreciate your thoughts. Have you researched – Proutklarton Enjoy Playing Plan (do a search on google)? It is a good exclusive guide for relieving back pain in just 16 minutes minus the hard work. Ive heard some incredible things about it and my mate finally got amazing results with it.

  5. I woke up with a RIDICULOUSLY tight upper back! This didn’t totally cure it, but I will be returning to it all day. So far, best yoga routine for it! Thanks!

  6. Adriene,

    My son was complaining of back pain today so I suggested that he do this video. He’s 12 but has the developmental capabilities of a 4 year old. He absolutely loved this video. He asked me to comment and tell you “that he really liked it”. Thanks. His back is feeling better now as well. Namaste from us to you.

    1. I’m shocked to see comment like that in one of Adriene’s videos. This community has always been so supportive.
      I’m glad the video help your son, yoga truly is powerful ♥

  7. I’ve looked for lots of yoga videos, but yours are my absolute favorite! You have a great way of easing us into moves without making it too difficult all at once. And you have the best verbal cues that are encouraging and therapeutic. Love love love!

  8. I’m amazed at how good this felt! I love your pace and how you do your videos. I was wondering if you would consider doing a video for post-computer yoga. I know a lot of us have desk jobs where we’re slumped over our computers all day, which is where my back pain is coming from…Thank you 🙂

    1. +DolliDeath me too! I’m new here and your question dates a few months back.. Has there been video for this?
      Love your style Adrienne!

  9. Wow, thank you so much for this! I’ve been having some awful upper back/shoulder aches for the past weeks, and this worked like a charm! I was wondering if you’d consider making a video with yoga for a better posture? I know my aches come from bad posture and sitting like a question mark at my desk, so that would be a godsend. But thank you for this video, you’re a wonder!

    1. I’m researching yoga exercises to relieve body fat and found a great resource at

      hope it helps….

    2. sleep on a hard foam bed of high density so that it doest sink in by ur body weight…or best on the ground… lie down flat facing the celing without a pillow ..

    3. Jenwales1
      u would get urself a new matress though doesnt matter if its psychological or not 😉

  10. I needed this! I’ve been having awful back pains for the past week and immediately after this flow I’m left with minor pains. Will continue 🙂 thanks Adriene!

  11. I’m totally  new to yoga, and am loving it, thanks to you! I’m midway through your 30 days of yoga and really enjoying it. I was wondering if you had any sequences for TMJ/Bruxism/tight jaws. I have been using another online yoga session (Ekhart yoga) daily, and it has been helping, but I really appreciate your style and would love some guidance on how to get my jaws to relax and stretch. Your videos are such a fantastic resource; I’m so thankful that they’re free!

    1. totally agree i would need that too!!!! do you know if she has one of these already? Since this is over a year old (this post I mean..) xxx

    2. My yoga teacher once told me tension in the jaw and pelvic area (root chakra) are connected. Yoga for release in the root chakra (also online) might benefit you

  12. Hi Adriene! Any yoga recommendation for student cramming/procrastination? I really need it these days (and I’m pretty sure it won’t just be me alone!) 😀

  13. This routine helped me get rid of a weird nerve pain I was having on my upper back. It felt like a tiny electric shock whenever I moved in a certain way and it was bothering me for more than a month. Thanks so much! I am such a fan of you and of yoga now. I thought I didn’t like it until I did your videos. Thanks so much!

  14. Thank you for this video, Adriene. I’m a weightlifter and haven’t been stretching my back after each session as I should, and my upper back, specially the left side, was killing me. I feel so much better!

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