YogaCamp – Welcome Orientation

YogaCamp – Welcome Orientation

administration | March 25 - 2018

Yoga Camp Orientation video! The prologue, the preamble – the video watch before you dive in to your 30 Days Of Yoga Camp with a big open heart. You can. You will. Watch this whole video before you begin.

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Happy New Year my friends!

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62 thoughts on “YogaCamp – Welcome Orientation”

  1. Adriene, I must say that I loooove your practices and I can’t wait to start with YogaCamp 😀 also…I love the part about mental health. It’s so important yet we all kinda forget about it.
    I wish you all the best in 2016 from the bottom of my heart. Love, Tina

  2. I’m excited to start! I think I’ll do the bedtime yoga in a bit. Does anyone know the name of that plant in her vid? It’s beautiful.

  3. I’m super excited! I just love the music for yoga camp 🙂 adding the whole mental health part to it is everything I need right now. I trust you Adriene (had to think of the titanic scene, I’m eyes closed on the railing right now!)

    1. can adriene stop monopolising the word yoga on YT searc it pisses me off to have non working search for yoga

  4. Dear Adrienne I loved this video for more reasons than I can mention, I’m in utter emotional turmoil at the moment and I need this to become strong in the mind to be able to cope with my tragedy to come. Thank you so much I’m willing to take the risk with you in this 30 days! Much love xxx

  5. Hello Adriene :), I just want to thank you for incorporating practices for us to check our mental wellness. Before discovering your channel, I was struggling through a lot of anxiety and stress with my first semester away at a University. I consumed caffeine as if it were on an IV, I hardly slept and if I did then I overslept, I gained lots of weight physically and mentally. But a week ago, I decided to make a change and found you. This yoga camp is exactly what I’m looking for to help me work on not only my physical wellness but my mental as well. I’m really looking forward to practicing positive attitudes, self talk, and yoga along with you and so many others. I really hope that this wonderful start allows me to know how to have a great new year. Thank you so much for all that you do for others 🙂 I just can’t wait!!
    Namaste ❤

    1. +alexandra hernandez I’m really touched by what you wrote because I can totally relate to university stress! I wish you a happy near year, i’m sure that things will turn around for you this year 🙂

    2. +alexandra hernandez You will not be disappointed by her. I found her last year doing the old 30 day challenge, and she has change my life for the better. I’m excited for this yoga camp and that you are participating with me. : )

    3. +alexandra hernandez I can totally relate to this! I stress myself so much, because I want to be good at university. I’m afraid because of the exams.
      But I did the 30 days of yoga last year and it helped me in many ways! Have fun and enjoy it! 🙂

      Sorry for the bad english. German here.

  6. As a man and seeing as nearly all the comments are women, I’m probably by myself but when you do poses lying on your front, like cobra or that one when you lift legs and hands from the floor, things get in the way….. how do men do these or meant to do these, putting your body weight on your testicles ain’t good! 🙂

    1. +21st Century I’m not a man, so I really don’t know, but I know that lots of men do yoga. I don’t know if this is stupid or obvious and you tried it, but maybe just try to position your stuff as much as you can in the direction of your legs, in between your legs, making sure nothing is between your pubic bone and the floor. Hope you figure it out! On Ekhart yoga on youtube for instance, there are male teachers as well as female. Maybe ask on a video there?

    2. +21st Century One suggestion may be this: think of pressing your belly button to the floor instead of your public bone, and lifting the sits bones to the ceiling. Also, you can get work in the legs and back body even with toes on the floor, but lifting the knee caps in this position. I hope this helps.

    3. Thanks ladies, gonna do Adrienne’s day 25 later, if there’s any testicle squashing poses i’ll try different stuff xD TBF i’ve got used to doing the cobra? one, i probably just need to do them, then find what fits right 🙂

    4. +21st Century bro when you do the cobra just flex your glutes and slightly lift your hips up, now when you do this the head and possibly the shaft will be on your mat (or floor or whatever) but at least your balls won’t be pressed with all your weight. unfortunately all the good yoga teachers are women and have never had to worry about that sort of thing

    5. +ifyouseekay1000 I know of many amazing male yoga teachers – I hope you experience one some day! You’re right about the glute flexing though 😉

  7. i’ll do the yoga moves, but i handle my spirituality separate from yoga, i’m not opening myself up to that nonsense.

    1. What all these repliers don’t realize is that not accepting how one person chooses to do yoga is ten times as stupid as the “negativity” they have supposedly suffered. I mean it was your choice to reply, and your magic yoga mind powers apparently did not allow you to remove the comment. I mean, I’m not religious, but let people do what they want. Idiots.

    2. I agree. You have to be open to accept how someone else decides to define their practice. People come into the practice of yoga with a variety of spiritual and non-spiritual beliefs and how they contextualize their practice is up to them. Adriene is always saying to “ease into it.” I was raised in a really strict Christian cult that didn’t see the benefit of yoga and mindful movement or meditative practices and saw them as evil. It took me a long time to break out of that mind state and realized the duality of yoga and how it can be many things and to accept alternative spiritual practices. Now I practice solely alternative spiritual practices as a personal choice.  Yoga for me was a way to “ease into” spiritual beliefs that I found served me better than the ones I was raised to feel were the only way to be. That doesn’t negate people from practices their own way while practicing yoga. It is apparent after you study yoga principals that the physical practice is the beginning of a practice that only needs to become spiritual if your soul wants and/or needs it to be.

  8. I’m so ready for this, Adriene! My mental health is at an all time low with anxious and stressed thoughts. This year, for me, is all about my healing and focusing on how to live with and accept anxiety. I’m going to learn how to not let it affect me and learn to relax- what better way than to start with your yoga camp! Thanks so much 🙂

    1. Oh_my_loveee Thanks so much! I’ve actually been going downhill the last few months and my anxiety has turned me into an Agoraphobic. I’m learning that I may actually have Celiac Disease and that it may be the reason I have all of this along with many other health problems (chronic stomach pain, migraines, joint problems, etc). I have a gastro appointment later this month to get tested and find out!

    2. I have the exact same condition, anxiety almost every minute in my life. Mine is due to family abuse. I am trying to heal, too. Thank you for sharing, gives me the feeling that I am not alone.

    3. I’m so sorry to hear that, family can truly be your worst enemy sometimes but don’t let any past event define who you are. You are better than this!! Hope you’re on the path to recovery<3 Oh, and quick update: I was diagnosed with Celiac in October! I've been gluten-free ever since and am already a complete different person, although anxiety will be the hardest to overcome and I am accepting that I may never fully overcome it.

    4. Madison Brookes, I have this same goal. My mental health was at an all time low in 2017. Good luck to everyone! WE got this.

  9. Thank you Adriene for the taking the risk and being brave and challenging us to go beyond the physical benefits of the practice. It motivates and encourages me to be brave as well when I’m back in the class room in front of my kids and teach them about mindfulness. Cheers!

  10. I’m officially even more excited now because I know that I have problems with talking to and about myself in negative ways, something I have been making progress in minimising but I’m still quite a ways away from where I want and need to be.

    Let’s do this!

    1. +Vardagaladhiel Don’t we all? Sometimes it comes and goes, but dang it is hard! I’ve been struggling with the same a bit more strongly lately. I’m very excited to start this right now. All positive and helpful stuff.

  11. I’m a complete yoga beginner, and my resolution for 2016 was to do yoga, and thankfully I came across this 30 day yoga camp which was exactly what I needed! As someone who has a lot of anxiety about university and relationships all round, I can already tell this will make a big difference to my life. From also reading everyone else’s comments, I feel like everyone who is a part of this Adriene community, we can all support and cheer each other on, knowing there are many of you out there who are also beginning this journey too! <3 I'm rearing and ready to go!

    1. karisawa Hi, I started yoga a few weeks ago and doing praticte almost everyday since, and I would like to challenge myself with one of her 30 days yoga, do you think this one is okay for beginners? I mean I’m also interest in her 30 days yoga and yoga revolution but I don’t know what seems best?

    1. +Michelle Minnis You can do it! The best part, for me, about yoga is that it is individual. It is YOUR journey. There is no competition with other people. You go at your own pace 🙂 Best of luck!

    2. Hi ! I’m doing yoga for a month now and I was really nervous and anxious in everyday life and yoga help. You can see the effect just after one class so good luck ! You can do it ! 🙂

  12. Yeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah!! I’m so excited and so glad you’re doing this for us. You’re such a freaking earth angel! THANK YOU!! <3 x

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